Introducing Fixboard

Introducing Fixboard by Fixya

Today, Fixya is excited to introduce Fixboard! Fixboard is our new free dashboard that allows brands to tap into the world’s largest wealth of post-purchase data. The Fixboard provides statistics and analysis on brands’ biggest issues, most commonly asked questions, insight into competitor strengths and weaknesses, and a customer service channel that was previously unavailable.

To explore the Fixboard, visit:

Fixya Releases App for Android

Fixya for Android is Here!

Today, Fixya is excited to announce that we have released an Android version of our Fixya App! Users can now use the camera on their Android devices to communicate their problems or help others by providing video solutions for free.

The Fixya Android app is now available on the Google Play store. We’re proud to have the Fixya app available on a new platform and look forward to the video problems and solutions that will be posted by the Fixya community!

Visit the Google Play Store to Install Fixya for Android.

FixYa Expands Product Catalog by Adding Nearly 1,000 New Categories

You spoke and we listened.

Locating products and answering questions is now even easier than before with the addition of 967 product categories to the FixYa catalog.

For Experts, this makes your job that much easier. With a more rigorous category definition system, your ability to find your niche and make it your own is an asset that will both improve your experience on the site and give you even more tools to continue providing the best solutions on the world wide web. This is made possible in the following ways:

  • Expanded Categories: With more categories for you to choose from when answering problems, it’s easier than ever to find something you absolutely love and become the top expert in your field.
  • Improved Category Filters: Looking to search for questions about a specific product or brand? How about a common problem that you know you can fix? Utilize the category filters in each category to drill down and find the questions you want to answer.
  • Seamless Transition:If the name of one of your categories is being changed or combined with another we handle everything for you by immediately adding it to your category list in the Answer section. No fuss, no hassle. You don’t have to do a thing.
  • Easier To Ask, Easier To Answer: They say what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. We don’t really know what that means so we have a different saying around the office—what’s good for the Asker is good for the Expert. With a wider range of categories and products for users to ask about, the questions that flow into your categories will be more defined and fit perfectly into your area of expertise.
  • Save Your Search: Found a product you like or a brand you love to answer questions about? Save that search and easily access every question from fellow FixYa users as soon as they roll in.

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Dennis Weid (aka EmissionWiz) brings home FixYa’s Expert of the Month Award

FixYa is proud to announce that Dennis Weid, also known as EmissionWiz, has been named Expert of the Month.

One quick look at his resume tells it all—Dennis has earned FixYa’s illustrious Expert of The Week badge a whopping 18 (yes, 18) times and has solved over 44,100 problems on the site. His specialty is Cars & Trucks where he has helped 14,077 people and counting get back safely on the road.

Dennis fits the bill for all of the criteria users look for when asking questions on FixYa. His answers are quick, reliable, and never fail to provide more than enough information for a user encountering a product issue. His ability to work with complex issues and efficiently diagnose the problem speaks volumes to both his passion and intelligence.

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FixYa Report Sheds Light on Offerings from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud, and SugarSync

Today FixYa, the leading product Q&A destination on the web and mobile, announces the release of a new report comparing consumer issues across the most popular cloud storage systems. The FixYa Cloud Storage Report includes offerings from Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync, iCloud, and Box. FixYa’s Cloud Storage Report looks at these market-leading file sharing services and pits them against each other, basing its findings on thousands of troubleshooting requests posted by consumers through its product Q&A site and iOS mobile app.

To see the full FixYa Cloud Storage Report please visit:

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