Fixya Black Friday Smartphone Report

Fixya Smartphone Report November 2013

Our Black Friday Smartphone Report details common issues across the newest mobile devices, with users opting out of the fingerprint functionality of the iPhone 5s, disappointed with the HTC One’s camera quality, worried about their overheating Samsung Galaxy S4, and frustrated with a lack of storage space on the Moto X.

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Brand Expert Awards

One of our latest features was adding a menu to make it easy to find and solve problems related to your favorite brands and categories.

This week we are rewarding you more for all your expert solutions by adding Brand Expert Awards.

1. Progress toward Brand Expertise

As you solve problems in a category or brand, you can track your progress towards expertise in any given brand or category in your dashboard. 100 points answered about a specific brand earn you “Brand Expert” status. 300 points about a category earn you “Category Expert” status. Once you’ve achieved expertise in that brand or category, you receive a badge in your “My Expertise” panel of your dashboard.

Brand Dashboard

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Fixya Mobile Browser Report: How Users Feel About Chrome, Safari, IE, Opera, and the Android Stock Browser

Fixya Mobile Browser Report

Fixya Mobile Browser Usability Report details persistent issues across the top mobile browsers, with Safari and Chrome users longing for Flash support, Opera and Internet Explorer users struggling to view pages correctly, and Android Stock Browser lovers still experiencing random crashes.

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Which Top Fitness Bands Work Out Best?

Fixya Fitness Band Report

Report from consumer Q&A destination Fixya finds beginners loving the waterproof Fitbit Flex and appreciating the strong online community rewards of the Nike+ Fuelband, while fitness buffs are disappointed with the new Jawbone UP battery but loving the BodyMedia FIT LINK and the Basis B1.

Today Fixya, the leading product Q&A destination on the web and mobile, announces the release of a new report comparing top consumer issues across the most popular fitness bands. The Fixya Fitness Band Report covers the best fitness wearables including the Fitbit Flex, the Nike+ Fuelband, the Jawbone UP, the BodyMedia FIT LINK, and the Basis B1. Fixya’s Fitness Band Report pits these market-leading devices against each other, basing its findings on thousands of troubleshooting requests posted by consumers through its product Q&A site and iOS mobile app.

To see the full Fixya Fitness Band Report please visit:

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Celebrity Headphones Report


Today we’ve released the latest Fixya Report! In our latest Celebrity Headphones Report, we take a look at how all the hottest celebrity headphones stack up based on problems and solutions Fixya members have posted to the Fixya community.

The report also offers suggestions on other leading headphones you can try out. If you’re looking for a new set of headphones or already own one of the celebrity editions, you’ll want to check it out for some great insights!

The full report is available at: The Fixya Report – Celebrity Headphones

As always, we’re more than happy to hear any feedback or suggestions you may have, so leave us a comment below.