Takeoff Tuesday

Takeoff Tuesday: Google + Sign-In, Improved Features and More!

Greetings Fixya fanatics! In this edition of Takeoff Tuesday we will be taking a look at four notable user features that have been released recently.

These four features are for both experts and askers alike and have hopefully improved your time on Fixya by making the site both easier to use as well as improving the aesthetic quality of your experience.

Let us know what you think about these four features by leaving us a comment below!

Google+ Sign-In & Sign-Up

In order to make life easier for as many Fixya users as possible, we have added Google+ sign-in and sign-up to both our site and mobile sites.

This feature provides a hassle-free way for you to use your Fixya account on multiple devices and gives you the ability to seamlessly ask and answer questions on the site.

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Takeoff Tuesday: New Thread and Product Pages

Greetings FixYa fanatics! In this week’s edition of Takeoff Tuesday we run through the improvements you’ll see when you land on a thread page to view a solution or go to a product page to check out a hot new product.

You can visit these new pages by visiting www.fixya.com and searching for a solution/product. Or you can just click here┬áif you’re not in the browsing mood and want us to do all the work for you.

It’s what we’re here for. Happy to oblige.

But back to the task at hand. Our main goals when we designed this new thread page were as follows:

  • Provide a sleeker and more modern experience for you and 30 million other monthly FixYa users
  • Give Experts more tools at their disposal to solve questions from thread pages
  • Encourage more interaction amongst users by highlighting the comment sections
  • Provide askers and browsers a clear idea where the question stands (solved or unsolved)
  • Retain the core functionality of the FixYa experience while improving upon the sturdy infrastructure of the best product support site in the world

Right when you land on the new thread page you can just how much it hums– the layout is very similar to what we had in the past, but small housekeeping tweaks around the page improve your experience by leaps and bounds.

It’s easier to view solutions, interact with other users, and find exactly what you’re looking for. Furthermore, we’ve experienced greater interaction with the page when we rolled it out in our initial beta test for select users.

The product team’s number one goal is to always make sure the 30 million people who come to our site each month are happy with any changes we make. That’s why we test and test, listen to feedback, and test again. We’re happy that you guys are happy with the changes, and as always, invite you to reach out to us at support-at-fixya-dot-com if you have anything on your mind.

You can see an image of the new page below.

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Takeoff Tuesday: Email Settings

Welcome to the second edition of Takeoff Tuesday, a weekly feature on the FixYa blog that highlights the new site features that were released on Tuesday morning.

Along with giving you an idea of what new tools you will be able to use, this feature allows you to send us feedback on what is awesome and what you would like to see added in the future.

Just like last week we have a minor addition that will improve your interaction with FixYa. Unlike the Edit Categories feature however, which will be used by Experts to improve their ability to solve questions when they are on the site, our new Email Settings page is meant to improve interaction with FixYa when you are offline.

As many of you have told us, the email updates FixYa sends when someone comments on a thread is invaluable. It gives you the power to stay involved in all of your conversations without manually checking the thread every day. It’s effective, non-intrusive, and an integral part of your experience on the site.

Although this is all well and good, we also understand that no two users are the same. Some enjoy staying constantly plugged in while others only want to think about FixYa when they are on FixYa. And while this set of users is small based off the feedback we’ve received in the past, it’s also very important for us to accommodate everyone’s needs as we strive to create the best site experience we can.

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Takeoff Tuesday: Edit Categories

Welcome to the first edition of Takeoff Tuesday, a weekly feature on this here blog that highlights the new site features that were released on Tuesday morning.

Along with giving you an idea of what new tools you will be able to use, this feature allows you to send us feedback on what is awesome and what you would like to see improved.

Since it’s our first Takeoff Tuesday let’s fill you in on how this is going to work. Every Tuesday we have a release on the site that improves existing features or introduces entirely new ones. Sometimes the update is big and sometimes the update is small. No matter the size of the update we will be here communicating exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, we aren’t going to bore you with all of the back-end changes we’re making. Everything found in these articles will be directly relevant to you and your experience on the site. No fluff, only the good stuff. All of this happens here, on the FixYa blog, every Tuesday afternoon.

So what did we add today? So glad you asked!

Today we added an “Edit Categories” section to allow Experts greater freedom in selecting what categories they want to solve questions for. We felt compelled to make this addition due to a myriad of factors, the most important being the number of experts asking for it over the course of the last month.

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