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Testimonial of the Week – September 30

testimonials 2We’re kicking off our new Testimonial of the Week feature with a great Testimonial that was posted earlier today.

FixYa user Ron W was looking for the firing order for his 1992 Chevy Corsica 6 cylinder and was delighted when Expert Jeremy W, also known as airjer995, was able to give him the correct firing order and a clear explanation of how to identify the cylinders.

Ron left a Testimonial thanking Jeremy, saying:

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Marketplace Quick Start Guide

MP Quick Start FixYa’s Marketplace is open for business! Are you a technician or product-enthusiast with knowledge to share? Set up shop in the Marketplace and offer your services to FixYa’s 20 million monthly users.

  • Set your own prices
  • Deliver service via email or chat (phone and local coming soon)
  • Pay no commission on sales until October 25!

We’ve written a helpful Quick Start Guide to get you started. It will guide you through the basics of creating a service, turning on your availability, and managing your ads.

Become a FixYa Pro and start offering paid services today!

Recap: FixYa’s Founder and CEO Chats with Experts

YanivBig things are happening at FixYa, including the switch to our new site and the launch of the FixYa Marketplace. Last Thursday FixYa’s founder and CEO, Yaniv Bensadon, took some time to chat with Experts about the recent changes and the future of FixYa.

One of the first things Yaniv discussed was the new site. “From day one, FixYa’s vision was to allow any user to find any information on any product,” he says, but acknowledges that vision became secondary as FixYa experimented with other features. Enter the new site, renewing our focus on improving FixYa’s core functionality so that “FixYa continues to grow to its fullest potential.”

Yaniv was quick to reassure Experts that there would be continued improvements and bug fixes in the weeks to come. He explained that it was necessary to complete the switch even though there were some outstanding issues, saying “the fact we are going to launch the site to all users is not an indication it’s

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FixYa’s heatman101 is on Fire!

40kOur most prolific Expert, heatman101, has crossed yet another unprecedented milestone- his 40,000th solution. Joining FixYa in November of 2009, heatman101, whose first name is Floyd, quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a top Expert with 20 Category Expert Badges and 81 Brand Expert Badges.

The tireless HVAC and large appliance Expert then set his sights on FixYa’s Tips, authoring 275 high-quality articles to help consumers. He hasn’t just covered the obvious heating and cooling issues, but has also created helpful tips on everything from nail guns to ice cream makers.

As part of his tips efforts, heatman101 made it his job to become informed on the subject of SEO, search engine optimization. Soaking up knowledge online, he optimized all his tips to ensure that they’d be found by the people who needed them. His Refrigerator Condenser Coil Cleaning tip alone has attracted well over 50,000 views from grateful users.

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Upcoming: Chat Live with FixYa’s CEO

Yaniv Pic smBig things have been going on at FixYa lately, from the launch of our new site to the introduction of the FixYa Marketplace. Our founder and CEO, Yaniv Bensadon, is going to be hosting a special live chat in the Experts’ Lounge to discuss these recent events, answer questions, and get feedback from our Expert community.

To attend, just join us in the Experts’ Lounge on Thursday September 22 at 2pm Pacific Time. Make sure to convert to your local date/time! The thread will be clearly labeled and you must be signed in to your Expert account in order to attend.

If you have questions but can’t attend or if you want to make sure your questions get addressed, you can email us at [email protected] Please submit all questions by end of day Wednesday.

This is the first time that our CEO has hosted a discussion like this and we hope you’ll join us!