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Takeoff Tuesday: Brand Based List Menu

Fixya Takeoff Tuesday

We are making it easier to answer your favorite types of questions

Its simple. Some people love cars, but really love german cars. Some people want to answer questions about computers and cell phones, but really love Apple products.

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Takeoff Tuesday: Video Directory

Greetings Fixya fanatics! In this edition of Takeoff Tuesday we will be taking a look at our brand new Video directory feature that was released last week.

The Video Directory was a request that many of you have made over the last couple of months. As we have begun to add more and more rich content to the site, creating a hub that displays that content in an easy to locate place was a logical choice. Enter the Fixya Video Directory, where videos submitted by users are broken down by category and cleanly laid out for users to experience.

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Microsoft’s Changing of the Guard & Their Video Game Console Success

Reported  problem data from Fixya’s Microsoft Fixboard

Microsoft’s announcement that current CEO Steve Ballmer will step down within the next twelve months completes a re-organization that began in July when the company went through some significant changes to department heads and set path on a new direction. With a greater focus now being placed on their mobile and entertainment divisions, Microsoft hopes to change the downward trend of a company that has struggled competing in a world with less personal computers and more smartphones and gadgets.

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Takeoff Tuesday: Google + Sign-In, Improved Features and More!

Greetings Fixya fanatics! In this edition of Takeoff Tuesday we will be taking a look at four notable user features that have been released recently.

These four features are for both experts and askers alike and have hopefully improved your time on Fixya by making the site both easier to use as well as improving the aesthetic quality of your experience.

Let us know what you think about these four features by leaving us a comment below!

Google+ Sign-In & Sign-Up

In order to make life easier for as many Fixya users as possible, we have added Google+ sign-in and sign-up to both our site and mobile sites.

This feature provides a hassle-free way for you to use your Fixya account on multiple devices and gives you the ability to seamlessly ask and answer questions on the site.

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Which Top Fitness Bands Work Out Best?

Fixya Fitness Band Report

Report from consumer Q&A destination Fixya finds beginners loving the waterproof Fitbit Flex and appreciating the strong online community rewards of the Nike+ Fuelband, while fitness buffs are disappointed with the new Jawbone UP battery but loving the BodyMedia FIT LINK and the Basis B1.

Today Fixya, the leading product Q&A destination on the web and mobile, announces the release of a new report comparing top consumer issues across the most popular fitness bands. The Fixya Fitness Band Report covers the best fitness wearables including the Fitbit Flex, the Nike+ Fuelband, the Jawbone UP, the BodyMedia FIT LINK, and the Basis B1. Fixya’s Fitness Band Report pits these market-leading devices against each other, basing its findings on thousands of troubleshooting requests posted by consumers through its product Q&A site and iOS mobile app.

To see the full Fixya Fitness Band Report please visit:

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