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Twenty Thousand Thanks!!!

Vegas Banner smCombining the speed of a drag racer with the stamina of a NASCAR driver, emissionwiz became one of FixYa’s top contributors soon after registering and has kept up the pace for two years now. He recently became the first Expert to cross the 20K line. No, you didn’t misread that. emissionwiz has provided twenty thousand solutions to FixYa’s users. At this moment his solution count actually stands at 20,109, and counting Live Chats and Premium assistance, he’s solved a staggering total of 20,653 problems.

We had to ask emissionwiz the obvious question- How on earth does he find the time? But emissionwiz brushes the question off, saying it only takes him a few hours per day to do this. Retired from his career in the military and then at a car dealership, emissionwiz views sharing the expertise earned over those years as a hobby.

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Award-Winning Service

kel1guy2002 smThe men and women who provide support on FixYa are some of the most talented and dedicated people you’ll ever meet, and many have been recognized throughout their lives for their excellence. One of the new additions to the FixYa Team stands out, even among his highly-decorated peers, for his exceptional number of awards and commendations.

Kel1guy2002, otherwise known as Kelly, was born in Creston, Iowa. His father worked alongside Kelly’s grandfather in his shop, ‘Brown’s Garage’. Kelly joined his father and grandfather in the shop around age 6, acquiring new knowledge and experience every day. By age 8, Kelly was repairing lawn mowers, learning to weld, and driving tractors around his grandfather’s farm. At 10, he built his own mini-bike, soon to be followed by a go-kart and several other projects he refers to as “experimental”.

When Kelly graduated from high school, he went to work as a welder for the Lenox Division of Hoover Ball Bearing Tote Systems. There he redesigned the construction methods of several fertilizer sprayer tanks, increasing production from 3 to 10 tanks a day and earning Kelly his first professional recognition as a ‘Top Welder’ for Tote Systems.

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Whatever You Need Fixed, He Does It.

heatman101 medOne of the best sources for technical information on FixYa is our growing Tips & How-To’s section. This is where our Experts aggregate the knowledge acquired during their time in the field into Tips, which are then made available to anyone searching for a related solution. Experts who create high-quality Tips can actually become Premium Tips Experts, and earn money for the Tips they write.

While some Experts are just learning how to make the most of this system, one Expert who is really setting the standard is heatman101, who has already posted an astonishing 132 Tips since joining FixYa in November 09. Not to be overlooked, his 542 solutions and 97% rating are also testaments to his impressive skill as a technician.

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Going Beyond the Beyond

1(2) smIt isn’t hard to find good people on FixYa. On any given thread you’re apt to find half a dozen highly trained and specialized professional technicians, using the knowledge they have amassed over the years to help people in need. All of our Experts go above and beyond on a daily basis… and then some go a little further still.

is one of those Experts who regularly goes beyond the beyond. HMerchant110 is actually Dr. Merchant, having completed his professional degree course in Medicine in 2000. Sadly, just having finished his internship, he met with a serious accident which forced him to leave the medical practice and find a profession that was less stressful on his health.

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FixYa’s Sleuth Crosses the Big 10K!

EkseWhen FixYa started profiling our best and brightest a little over a year ago, Ekse was the first Expert that we chose to feature.

Affectionately nicknamed “The FixYa Sleuth” by staff members, due to his uncanny insight, Ekse has been an invaluable member of FixYa’s site and community for the better part of two years now. It has been our pleasure to watch this Expert grow from a young man into the seasoned tech he is today. It has been an even bigger pleasure to watch him cross the 10,000 solution mark and take his place with the giants.

When asked about his great development, Ekse credits being able to practice his skills frequently by assisting users and customers, saying “10,000 solutions… I think anyone would learn a lot from doing it.” But the true credit goes to someone closer to home. As he puts it, “I really have my father to thank for getting me started. I first soldered with my father’s help before I even started school.”

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