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FixYa’s heatman101 is on Fire!

40kOur most prolific Expert, heatman101, has crossed yet another unprecedented milestone- his 40,000th solution. Joining FixYa in November of 2009, heatman101, whose first name is Floyd, quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a top Expert with 20 Category Expert Badges and 81 Brand Expert Badges.

The tireless HVAC and large appliance Expert then set his sights on FixYa’s Tips, authoring 275 high-quality articles to help consumers. He hasn’t just covered the obvious heating and cooling issues, but has also created helpful tips on everything from nail guns to ice cream makers.

As part of his tips efforts, heatman101 made it his job to become informed on the subject of SEO, search engine optimization. Soaking up knowledge online, he optimized all his tips to ensure that they’d be found by the people who needed them. His Refrigerator Condenser Coil Cleaning tip alone has attracted well over 50,000 views from grateful users.

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FixYa’s 10K Club is Growing!

Medal sm2011 has been a huge year for FixYa’s Experts and thirteen new Experts have crossed the 10K solution mark. Ten-thousand is a big number for any form of contribution to a site. When you consider that each solution represents a person that our 10K Experts have helped to solve a problem, the contribution is staggering. FixYa is so proud of the amazing Experts who have reached this milestone, and we want to let everyone know who they are:

alicantecoli – 15,049 solutions
alicantecoli has been an Expert since November ’08 and is a talented mechanic with fully 40 years experience
budmrtn – 10,320 solutions
budmrtn has been providing TV support on FixYa since October ’09 and has 30 years in repair in design
geekman – 16,269 solutions
geekman has been helping here since June ’07 and is a semi-retired computer guru who also provide cell phone support
justaskjoe – 10,627
justaskjoe has apprenticeships in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and woodworking and has been a FixYa Expert since January ‘09
k_akima – 15,782
k_akima has been around since December ’09, was one of the fastest Experts to cross the 10K mark, and is already more than halfway to 20K

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Congrats on the Big 10K heatman101!

heatman101When we first profiled heatman101 in February this year, he had posted around 500 solutions in just three months on the site. We were very impressed, but heatman101 was just getting started. Since then, he has posted over 12 thousand additional solutions, becoming only the fourth Expert to cross the 10 thousand solution mark. He’s also authored 227 high-quality home appliance Tips, which he references in his solutions. This volume points to one thing- heatman101 is very serious about helping people.

Not only is heatman101 serious about helping people, he has a practical plan on how to do so. As he says about his large body of solutions and Tips on FixYa, “for me it is a stepping stone to where I want to be someday. The more material I can get out, the better chance I have of being able to step totally into the Internet world and make a living from my computer… I would love to be able to be totally supported by an Internet type business. It would free me to go to disaster areas and help others, while still having the ability to make an income.”

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FixYa’s Askers Agree – nonontech Rocks!

nonontech sm 3As with all Experts we see posting solutions to Twitter, we started following nonontech when we first noticed his FixYa Tweets. As we viewed his posts, it began to dawn on us that this was an Expert of great talent and dedication. Then, when we were pulling the stats for FixYa’s Raffle and Leaderboard Contest, we discovered that nonontech actually has one of the highest asker ratings possible, and one of very highest on the site. Those stats don’t lie, and are a testament to the work this great Expert is doing. Naturally, we had to profile him.

nonontech was born in Ukhrul, a remote village in India. In high school, he was an ambitious young person with dreams of being a “big man,” as he puts it, but was forced to quit his studies to help his family after the death of his father. nonontech eventually came to join the IT field. Over the last five years he has worked as a data entry operator, graphics designer and system engineer, among other things. He is currently a co-proprietor of a small business called The Raingam Enterprise, which he runs with his family and a few local volunteers.

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The Mechanic who Fell to Earth

ewebber pic x smThe US Marine Corps operate in the land, air, and sea, helping people around the world. Former US Marine and FixYa Expert, ewebber253’s remarkable life is a reflection of this, often quite literally.

Born at 20,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean during a flight from Scotland to Boston, ewebber253 entered life at the top of the world. On his 17th birthday ewebber253 joined the Marines, starting his career serving people as soon as he possibly could. In the Marines, his occupational specialty was Motor Mechanics, and he was a 3065 Motor Transport Operator. He served for almost a decade, leaving the Corps in 1981 as a Staff Sergeant.

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